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Saudi Arabia Visa Processing

A visa is required to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi visas must be obtained from VFS Tasheel's​ Saudi Arabia processing center in Canberra. 

At CLS Capital Link Services, we understand the dire implication of lost time when it comes to obtaining visas to travel overseas. This is often due to a communication beakdown, not having the appropriate forms and requirements on hand, incorrect visa fees, and insufficient time to obtain the visa - just to name a few.

Our high standards of customer service and years of experience enable us to support all of your visa information and processing needs. We will answer any questions you have, supply all visa forms and requirements, provide a free visa pre-check, pickup and deliver your​ passport and application. All the while providing you with status updates on your application's progress.

The services we provide give you, or your company, peace of mind knowing that your travel documents are being hand-carried through the appropriate channels quickly and efficiently. 


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