Getting help with translations

Australia is a highly multicultural society, filled with many different languages – it’s estimated that over 300 are spoken in Australian homes today. For those migrating to Australia,as well as students and travellers on business,documents need to be translated for many reasons – which is where we can help. We provide translation services for visa and immigration documents, business documents including international agreements and trade documents, plus any other communication that may require translation.

Our approach

CLS has a large network of professional translators, certified to the highest Australian standards. Our team members are accredited across a diverse range of languages and provide best-practice, quality translations you can rely on. Because our processes are so streamlined, we are able to ensure all of our clients have access to:

  • A broad range of language translations
  • Accuracy and quality assurance
  • A fast, efficient service with simple processes.
  • Communication throughout the process.
  • Answers to questions whenever you need clarification.

Our seamless process


Select from the diverse range of languages we offer and upload your file for review


The quote we provide will give you a total service fee upfront, with no extras or hidden fees


CLS will finalise your document translation simply, efficiently and professionally

The CLS difference

For 25 years, CLS has been providing quality, secure and efficient professional services. Our team will work closely with you, streamlining processes and communications, whatever your Document Translation needs. We’re ideally located in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory, close to Australian government agencies and over 80 foreign embassies and high commissions. CLS provides our clients with:

  • Industry-leading services
  • The fastest turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple processes
  • Knowledge of legalisation processes

We’re committed to consistently delivering exceptional service and results.