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Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificates (complete package)

CLS Service Charges:
$854.67 AUD

Additional Requirements

Please review visa requirements below before making selections.

Additional applicant in the same package $571.55 AUD


General Information

Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificates

  • Complete package up to the Saudi Embassy
  • Saudi Arabia Police Clearance (Fingerprint Legalisation by the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Australia).

If you are a non-citizen planning to reside or work in Australia and have lived in Saudi Arabia in the past. Before working or residing within Australia you must meet certain visa requirements, which include being assessed against the visa’s “Character Requirements”. These requirements include the submission of a police clearance certificate, obtained from countries lived in for 12 months or more in the last 10 years.

As an approved authorized agent for the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Australia for documents Legalisation. We can answer your questions about the Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate requirements and guide you through the crucial steps of the process.a complete Saudi Arabia Police Certificate Legalisation package which includes:

  • Document Notarisation 
  • Document Authentication
  • Embassy pick up and delivery and Legalisation Fee
  • CLS Processing Fee
  • Return by Express Post Australia wide.

Once you buy your Police Clearance online, you will be prompted to download check list with all necessary information required. Once you have completed this information, post your forms to us at the CLS office, and we will handle the entire process for you.