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Police Clearance Information

Australian Police record (NAME CHECK) Certificate

CLS Service Charges:
$180.00 AUD

Additional Requirements

Please review visa requirements below before making selections.

Addition application in the same package in the same package $140.00 AUD


General Information

Australian Police record (NAME CHECK) Certificate

  • Application Form:
  • Please complete all sections marked “this section must be completed”. Incomplete applications will not be processed by the AFP.
  • Applicants requiring additional pages to complete the following sections should complete the Optional Attachment page (last page of the attachment) and include it with their application.
  • Other names you have used
  • Previous Residential Addres
  • Proof of Identity:

The AFP requires that all applicants provide at least 100 points of identification (at least one document should be a primary document)

Once you buy your visa online, you will be prompted to download your forms and check list with every piece of information you need anOnce you have completed this information, you pass it back to us at the CLS office, and we look after everything elsed detailed instructions.