How we work with government agencies

We’ve been a trusted government partner for many years and have collaborated closely with a range of agencies to facilitate and manage customised systems and services.

We offer fast, secure and simple visa processing and manage the process end-to-end by handling the detailed requirements for any country. We’ve partnered with DFAT to co-design the CLS Third Person Note (TPN) Portal – an automated system that’s the fastest and most reliable in the market.

We also offer a high-security document delivery service for government departments using our trained team and in-house fleet.

Our approach

When you work with CLS, you’ll get the benefit of 25 years’ experience, plus the skills and discretion of our professional team. We provide and manage end-to-end solutions for government through:

  • Document preparation
  • Review of documentation
  • Processing of TPNs
  • Delivery to embassy
  • Secure return by a range of suitable methods

Given our extensive experience, we can readily meet the needs of any government department.

To deliver the best and most convenient service to public sector travellers, CLS has developed a purpose-built digital visa and TPN processing platform –

This platform allows travellers and travel facilitators to find and download relevant visa requirements and forms, apply for TPNs, book courier services, pay for fees via credit card and track progress of applications at their convenience.

The website is available day or night, on any device or browser that is convenient to users.

This automated system simplifies the TPN issuance process and provides the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective TPN service in the market.

The CLS difference

For 25 years, CLS has been providing quality, secure and efficient professional services. Our team will work closely with you, streamlining processes and communications, whatever your Document Legalisation needs. We’re ideally located in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory, close to Australian government agencies and over 80 foreign embassies and high commissions. CLS provides our clients with:

  • Industry-leading services
  • The fastest turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple processes
  • Knowledge of legalisation processes